Surface vs. Ativ 500t for school

Hey guys, I have a Best Buy gift card that covers about $430 worth of any tablet that I decide to buy. I'm currently looking at the Ativ 500t (the only reasonably-priced W8 tablet with stylus that Best Buy has...) and the Surface, most likely with a Touch Cover. My primary purpose for the tablet would be for note-taking in classes, but I would also use it for all of the normal things, like internet and videos and news. I was originally looking at the Ativ as my only option, due to the Wacom digitizer, but the reviews are starting to scare me a bit. Although the Surface doesn't have a digitizer, I have seen kids use iPads for notes, so I think I would be able to do it with a Surface as well, albeit with less precision. What do you guys think? Is the extra $100 cost (Best Buy charges $700 for Ativ) worth it for a product that has suspect reviews? If it matters, I'm in school for electrical engineering, so my notes would have lots of drawings and formulas and stuff like that. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!