Public Service Announcement - Disable your youtube feed

I probably should have known, but since I didn't, I figure many of you don't know either. All the comments you make on youtube are logged and added to your feed. Anyone who clicks on your username and sees your profile will see your feed, and all the pure and wholesome comments you have made.

Note, this feed is not visible when you go to your youtube channel while logged into your account (if it is they did a bang up job hiding what they show to everyone else at first glance from YOU), so you will not see the massive spotlight of previous comments unless you check your account while not logged in (try ie that you never use).

I found this pretty shady, the only logical reason to make the feed so visible to visitors, and NOT to the user is to hide the fact all your comments are being broadcast. Sometimes you post a video and link it to others to share, and you don't necessarily want everyone you link a video to to be able to scan through everything you have ever said through comments.

You can find the location under account settings, in the "sharing" section - uncheck the comments on youtube. This may only prevent new comments from appearing, not sure if there is a way to delete previously shown comments from the feed.

BTW - I am not against the auto logging of comments in all venues, I think it's fine that normal forums do that, like the verge, but youtube is first and foremost a video sharing platform, and some of its uses extend beyond the normal circles you interact with and share things with openly.