Android and Battery Life: How do you use your phone?

I've been a huge fan of Android since the Nexus One and original DROID days. I was hooked since then, and have tried every major OS since then, but still vastly prefer Android, especially with Jellybean. However, one thing that has always gotten me is the battery life. However, I will also note that I've never really had great battery life with ANY devices, and I simply chalk it up to how connected I am. I currently use a Nexus 4 on T-Mobile, and previously used a Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile.

For example, I have 4 GMail accounts, 3 regular email accounts, and I use a variety of social networks religiously, especially Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter. I send/receive probably 3k-5k texts a month, and utilize Facebook Messenger and Google Talk for messaging needs as well. I'm glued to Google Reader, frequently browse websites like Reddit, the Verge, Newssites (generally through Apps), utilize Google Calendar fully (I have a half dozen different calendars that I use to stay organized), and I have widgets all over Nova (all useful).

This, of course, results in pretty short battery life. I probably average 10-12 hours from the moment I unplug my phone on a good day; other days, it can be 6-8hrs. I don't really listen to music much, talk on the phone much, or watch too many videos. One thing I've noticed is that the screen is generally on for a total of 2-3hrs before I get down to below 10% battery life. When I check my battery stats, my screen is turned on for short spurts throughout those 10-12 hours; I constantly turn on the screen to check the time, new notifications, to text/browse/search, etc. I'm on 3G/4G the vast majority of the day (I'm never home since I'm always out with friends, work has no public wifi network but I plug it in at my desk).

For similar users to me, do any of you get significantly longer battery life? Or is this pretty much to be expected? Unfortunately, having such a connected device is a symptom of my social life, but it's exactly why I need longer battery life. Thoughts?