Surface touch cover - very impressed

Hey guys. I just wanted to say how impressive the touch cover is for typing. I've had it for less than a day and am already totally used to it. I judged the experience as OK in the Microsoft store. I can't believe how consistent it is to use for an extended length of time. Every key is exactly the same and works with the perfect amount of sensitivity. I'm already typing around 80 wpm with 97% accuracy (yes I did test this). I'm still not able to judge the full experience of this thing since I have not had long to play with it but it has been pleasantly surprising so far. I'm even getting used to 16:9, though I admit I usually am using it in landscape. If it could load TheVerge in portrait at 125% zoom it would be perfect. Apart from the hour of windows update out of the box I'm loving the experience. just thought I could share.