Anyone think CES could be the coming out party for glasses free 3D?

It exists, in the form of that crazy Toshiba TV and of course the Nintendo 3DS and HTC EVO 3D, but I think that CES 2013 might be where we finally see glasses free 3D TV's.

I'm imagining a Sony keynote in which the presenter is joined by Taylor Swift or Will Smith or some other celebrity wearing 3D glasses, everyone groans, the livebloggers start typing things about how sick they are of this trend, and reach under their seats for their own glasses. But there aren't any. And then the presenter tells Smith or Swift or whoever "You won't be needing those" and a TV rises out of the floor. It's a glasses free flagship Bravia, with whatever annoying app plattorm they feel like using, probably with gesture and voice control and some crazy remote with 500 buttons, and the top of the line model is 4k. Then they make some jokes about the rumored Apple TV, and announce that all forthcoming Sony Pictures movies will be available in 1080p 3D downloads exclusively via their download service, and thus not for the Apple TV.