Google Play Music bug. Anyone else have this problem?

I've had this annoying bug with the Play Music app where if I back out of the now playing screen, the album art, track info, and occasionally the ability to slide through the song are gone. Here's what the app looks like when I choose a song.



Now If i were to back out of the now playing screen, or half the time I lock my phone, I get this screen. Ljwtu_medium


I have lost the album art. Now the other half of the time I lock my screen or i just leave the app, I get this screen below, where I lose the album art, song info, and the ability to scroll through the song



I've had this happen to me on my One X running CyanogenMod 10, the stock ROM on my Nexus 7, and my Nexus 7 running CM10.1. Anyone else see this and does anyone know how to fix it? It's really annoying.