Nilay Smash

I was thinking to myself today while browsing Twitter that Nilay tends to get really worked up about certain things and turns into angry Nilay (Granted all his followers are probably responsible for that). I would love to see Nilay create a blog called Nilay Smash that is dedicated to him venting about topics that get him upset. Things like how in general tech reporters get everything wrong about patent stories or changes in TOS that don't really matter (Instagram) and other things that I can't think of right now. I imagine the page having a GIF of Nilay turing into a Hulk like Nilay and smashing stuff. Stuff he could smash might include Patent Trolls, Fan Boys, Florian Mueller, and maybe Josh Topolsky. If I had better skills I might create such a GIF myself but if anyone could make one you should definitely link to it in the forum. Those are my random thoughts for the day. Nilay you should get on this right away.