Help me choose my next phone.

To start, this isn't an iOS vs. Android post.

I need help figuring out which phone I should purchase next, and I'm asking you guys for help.

I'm a college student, I own an iPad (4th generation), never owned an Android device, and I crave simplicity. With that being said, I've rounded out my phone choices to 3 different phones; the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and Nexus 4. I also do not like contracts, so it must be an off-contract purchase.

Here's what I'm trying to decide:

Buying an iPhone 5 off contract ($649), going to AT&T for pre-paid service,

Waiting (what seems like forever) to buy a Nexus 4 ($349), going to AT&T for pre-paid service,

or buying a 4S ($449) from Virgin Mobile.

In terms of spending, the 4S and the Nexus 4 would be deemed relatively responsible, given the iPhone 5's incredibly large off-contract price, but here's my logic for having it on their: resale value. iPhones have insanely high resale value, so I imaging that even in 2-3 years, if I decided to sell my iPhone 5, I could more than likely get a pretty decent return for my phone.

I really want the Nexus 4, aside from it's insanely cheap price, because I've never had an Android phone and I'd like to try out the experience. Although, I've heard that Google's customer service leaves much to be desired, which is a large drawback for me.

And lastly, I put the 4S on Virgin Mobile in there due to the fact it's cheap, it's still a pretty powerful phone, and Virgin has some pretty good plans.

So, Verge Community, which should I get?

(Note: Apps are not that large of a concern for me; I mainly use my phone for watching videos, Fruit Ninja, and Twitter)