Review: (Cracked + 1 year old) Galaxy Nexus Hardware Review

You can check out the original post here if you want. :-)


Yes, that was a Verge-y photo, and this is a review of a year old and cracked Galaxy Nexus that has since retired.

The Goodies

As far as buttons go, the device comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack, a volume rocker, a MicroUSB port, a power button, etc. etc. Do I even need to mention this stuff? Everyone knows what the various buttons and things are going to be. Anyway, it also comes with a bit of a unique thing: a magnetic connector on the right hand side which is used for the dock. Unfortunately, I haven't got one to show as I believe it was a useless piece of junk, but you can check out a review of the dock here. :-)
A real downside of this phone was that, whether I was plugged into my computer or a wall charger, it would take about 8 hours for this phone to charge to 100%, and I would then actually get about 8 hours of use (on and off) anyway.
By the way, the picture above is actually the perfect testament to the glass on the display. It's both a blessing and a massive flaw. Here's another shot that demonstrates it even better.
No, the chasis of this iMac (not mine, by the way. I use a custom-build PC) is not bent. Employees of Google have previously said "the glass on [the Galaxy Nexus] is curved for the way that you talk on the phone". This was actually a really good idea, and I'm pretty sad that they dropped that idea with the Nexus 4. Because of the large footprint of the device, the glass on the front being curved meant that it didn't feel like you were holding a Subway 4.65" Sub to your face. However, one problem that this cause was when my display cracked.

Because the display is curved in such a way as I just described, it caused my phone to crack from one edge to another (horizontally) resulting in a pretty large crack. Something to be wary of.

Final Thing

Sorry that this wasn't really a review, but I wanted to get this out ASAP. I'll do the software review at a later time, and when I do, I'll link to it from here. :-)