Windows Phone app coverage

Something I've noticed lately is that Windows Phone apps get almost no coverage on The Verge. Just check out the apps section of the site. There is coverage for a Google Books update, some new music app for the iPad, a new game for iOS, Wunderlist 2, Twitter for Blackberry, oh, and... MetroTube is broken.

Where is the coverage for WeatherFlow getting a makeover, or Facebook getting a big speed boost, or MetroTube being updated for WP8, or the countless Xbox games that get released? There is no excitement for WP apps because sites like The Verge don't seem to even care unless something is wrong, like MetroTube being broken.

I happen to write for a Windows blog and we write about apps being updated every day, so I know there is news to report on. I don't expect The Verge to write about every little update, but it would be nice to see an article or two about the big name apps.