Posting to Forum with IE10

I've had really bad luck creating forum posts with IE10. This is specifically the Metro version of IE10, but I'm pretty sure it's the same on the desktop version. The editor for the post body doesn't respond to taps correctly, so you can only move the input carat around with the keyboard's arrow keys.

That alone would be workable, but it seems like the Publish button doesn't work at all and tapping it has no effect. The Preview button starts a little spinner icon, but then never completes.

Commenting in the forums or on main site articles appears to work flawlessly, for what it's worth.

Is there any plan to fix the Post Editor bugs in IE10? I realize that the majority of this site's users are probably using Chrome or Firefox, but considering that Microsoft Tribe is the single most active forum on the site it would be nice if the Post Editor was usable on a Surface tablet where IE10 is the only choice.

Thanks for considering. :)