iPad mini was a right move for Apple

Right before Steve Jobs passed away, he gave a piece of advice to Tim Cook: " Never ask what I would do. Just do what is right".

And I really believe iPad mini was the right product to make.

I am fully aware that when iPad mini was introduced, lots of people passed it off. "It's just a shrunken-down iPad", "No Retina display for $329?", "Last year's processor for $329?", "It's an over-sized iPod touch, again!,"It's way more expensive than the competition, why would anyone buy it?"

Yes, I would have liked to have a Retina display on iPad mini. I would have liked to have a faster processor. I would have liked to buy it for a cheaper price. No one says my device's display is too sharp, my device is too fast, or my device is too cheap. No one.

But let's see how people responded when the original iPhone was introduced. "It doesn't have a keyboard", "It doesn't support flash", "It can't take videos", "It is too expensive"and so on... When iPad was introduced, "It's an over-sized iPod touch.", "It doesn't support flash", "It can't multi-task", "It doesn't have front-facing camera for video calling" and so on. And those two products went on to be the leader in its own category.

All I am trying to say here is that all these examples prove that you can't judge the value of an Apple product unless you've really tried using it. By "use", I don't mean to flicker with it in the nearby electronic store. I mean to really use it in real life: surf the web on the train, play games with your friends and so on.

And it applies to iPad mini as well. I got the chance to play with my friend's iPad mini and played games on it for quite some time. After some time, I wanted to sell my 3rd gen iPad and get a iPad mini. I am serious. It's just so much better for gaming because it's so much lighter and thinner, it is way easier to hold and feels much greater in hands. But it's not just for gaming. For just about everything you do, the smaller form factor was much more beneficial than I expected. It's simply a great device. The lesser hardware(display, processor)? Man, I couldn't care. No deal-breaker.

iPad mini is a product that proves things new products don't have to be always innovative and new to be important and worth existing. Really, think twice before you comment on an Apple product.