Any Clover Trail Tablet Reviews?

Any word on reviews for any of the Clover Trail tablets?

I originally was looking at getting a Surface RT. Went to a Microsoft kiosk with the intention of buying it if I liked it -- came away disappointed. Couldn't stream my class' videos (biggest deal breaker -- 3 Microsoft reps took a shot at trying to get the videos to work, but they wouldn't), IE 10 crashed 3 times while I was using it, PDF support was lacking (couldn't find 3rd party apps that would support encryption).

So now I'm looking at getting an actual Win8 tablet, but can't find any actual reviews. Acer W510, Asus VivoTab, Dell Latitude 10, HP Envy X2, HP ElitePad, Samsung Ativ -- none. We're well past Win 8's launch, approaching the end of the holiday season, and nothing.