BB10 and wp8

Hi Tribe,

I am on my third windows phone now [Lumia 920] and I was wondering what the fellow tribe members thought of BB10 vs wp8.

For me Cons of BB10: 1) No xbox music like streaming service

2) No Live tiles

3) fewer apps ( this one is funny but true)

Pros of BB10: 1) Rich peek function from any app

2) Better multi tasking

3) Awesome unified hub for email and social networks

My smartphone usage time distribution tends to be 60 % emails 20 % music 10% calls 10% other apps.

I am thinking of giving it a shot since emails are my most important use case but I am not sure if I can sacrifice xbox music for that . What do you guys think ?

I think RIM has the same OS design intentions as Microsoft ( fluid, in and out , glance and go). They seem to have done a good job ..