I win the "Worst Nexus 4 Google Play Experince" award.

Now that my attempt to acquire a Nexus 4 has well and truly failed, I thought I'd share my story with you folks.

I ordered a Nexus 4 16GB from the Canadian Google Play store, on Nov 13th at around 1030am MST. I received the confirmation email as normal about an hour later. I got the backordered email on the 15th like most other people.

I got an email on November 25th stating my device would ship "this week". Friday came with no shipment, and that was the first time I contacted Google Play support, figuring patience would win out. They said my case had been escalated to a shipping specialist, and I would hear back within 48 hours.

On Dec 4th, having waited two additional days, I contacted Google Play support a second time, for an update. They informed me the specialists had not posted anything additional to my order, and that I should remain patient, they will, again, get back to me in 48 hours.

When I read that Nexus 4s were again available for sale, in Canada, I contacted Google Play again, as now they obviously had more devices to sell, but still had not shipped mine. I requested at this time my order be cancelled. They informed me that the Google Play ordering system does not have the capability to cancel orders beyond the 1 hour time limit. They are physically unable to. They re-submitted my request to the shipping specialists, who would, yet again, get back to me in 48 hours.

On Dec 14th, having waited for over a week at this point, I emailed them once again to see if anyone knew where my phone was. This person was extremely apologetic, if unhelpful. He resubmitted my request to the shipping specialists. I again requested my order be cancelled. He promised me quite vigorously, 24-48 hours, and I'd have my answer.

Five days later, I emailed them again wondering when, if ever, I would see the phone. Two hours later I received an email informing me my order had been cancelled, as Google Play refuses to ship to my address. And they would be happy to ship me a phone to a different address. They listed any P.O. box, and the entirety of the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and the Yukon as locations that they refuse to ship to, under any circumstance.

Well, that's my story, as it is. I'd sure like to know if other people have had that much trouble in dealing with Google. Thanks for reading.