Windows 8 on CloverTrail - Any Good?

Greetings Microsoft Tribe! I already have a powerful laptop that satisfies most of my heavy duty computing needs - Photoshop, Visual Studio, multiple tab browsing etc. I am not into any gaming on PC.

I've been wanting to buy a Windows 8 device but have been in a fix. I want a tablet - for portability, battery life and mainly web-browsing. But Windows RT doens't seem to cut it. I know I'll need the full blown Windows desktop sometimes.

I read Paul Thurrot's article on CloverTrail and wanted to ask whether a CloverTrail tablet like Samsung Ativ Smart PC would be fine. It has got the battery life and portability of Windows RT and can run light x86 apps too. I won't be running PS or VS on it obviously. With stylus support, it seems perfect for me (Surface Pro with ~4.5h battery won't be sufficient)

There is also news about Intel's Haswell bringing i5 like processing and Atom like power consumption. Is it worth the wait? I am in no hurry and can easily wait a few months.