So I picked up my Ipad and tried to swipe left to switch to the next app.

Loving the gestures on surface


It's making it hard to switch back to the IPAD, if only the surface has 3G or 4G connectivity, IPAD begone.

After using the surface for 3 weeks, I finding myself wanting to swipe from the left to switch apps. Drag down to close an app. These two gestures make moving around Windows 8 so easy.

And then it got me thinking.

Why doesn't Windows Phone 8 incorporate these gestures and charms bar.

Swiping down on the app would mean I have definitely closed it


Swiping from the left edge would bring up the other open apps.

Swiping from the right edge would bring up the charms bar. It's so easy to share/email from any app. Perform a context search etc.