BBK vivo X1:The world thinnest phone with Hi-Fi level audio chip









vivo X1 boasts a Hi-Fi hi-fi sound quality is made ​​up of two main aspects, one fuselage built-in professional audio chip Cirrus Logic DAC, digital-to-analog conversion chip CS4398 and CS8422 SRC signal conversion chip. CS4398 support 24bit/192kHz decoding SNR up to 120dB, distortion better-to 107dB, many of the top CD player with this chip. Mobile phone supports lossless music format player a few, but the phone's first professional Hi-Fi chips or backgammon vivo X1.

Second backgammon vivo X1 offers high-end headphones choose. The MMX series the official preferred headphones Package beyerdynamic MMX 71iE products, which belong to beyerdynamic designed specifically for mobile phone products, compared with the DTX Series, MMX has a microphone designed to facilitate mobile phone users call. The MMX 41iE retail market priced at 400 yuan and 800 yuan MMX 101iE the MMX 71iE belongs the backgammon tailored products. The other package configuration AKG K420 and Sennheiser CX215 microphone, and can not be used in calls and music playback operation.

The beyerdynamic MMX 71iE earplugs Design answer keys, call answer and hang up operation can be achieved. Listening to music, the answer key click play and pause songs operations continuous pressing twice next is a pity that no connected three times on a set like the iPhone. Lock screen music information and operating options, if you want to know what the song is now playing, or on one of the operation, enter the main interface only by unlocking operation. In addition, in the process, we also found, the beyerdynamic MMX 71iE this backgammon specialized custom earplugs and can not be used on other mobile phones or computers have poor contact, use the current sound.

Music player, plug in your headphones will automatically turn on the Hi-Fi audio and to provide SBS sound and BBE sound for the user to choose which BBE sound default beyerdynamic MMX 71iE AKG K420 and Sennheiser CX215 headphones sound packages select, without user set separately.

The vivo X1 is the world's first smart phone with built-in Pro BBE sound, vivo X1 is also built-in SRS Sound. Pro BBE sound makes the music treble clearer natural, bright, and more rich detail expressive, more powerful bass and clear. BBE sound settings, you can select the headphones according to their actual situation, different headphones have different tuning will bring a different sound.

In order to enhance the quality of the music player, vivo X1 has taken a wide range of solutions, which uses Cirrus Logic, Inc., USA DAC The CS4398 + signal processing chip CS8422 combination, built BBE, SRS audio technologies, and cooperation with Baidu, integration of Baidu online music library, beyerdynamic cooperation, and equipped with a customized version of the beyerdynamic MMX71ie headphones can be said that in order to enhance the effect of the music player, all can play to the limit, from hardware to software, and both are carefully stuffed the system.