Boxee Cloud DVR

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Reviewed by compassman (Previously owned)

This product, as of when I had one, was a Norwegian blue parrot - beautiful plumange but dead. The good points were that it did have a TV tuner and did have HDMI output. The bad:
- Very limited apps
- Tuner only gave me 33% of the cable channels. I live between two markets so my standard cable service has both Milwaukee and Chicago channels. The Boxee TV had only the Milwaukee ones and not all of those. Also TBS, WE, BET and Univision were not picked up.
- Worst customer support ever. I thought I was in the new AMC program The Techsupporting Dead. For example, I was supposed to provide them with TWCs support of clearQAM. I haven't a clue about what clearQAM is. (Neither does TWC support, but that is another disaster.) I was also told that this is a new product and they were still learning what the issues are. Well, I don't want to pay $100 to be part of an alpha test of this hardware.

DLink rushed this product out the door. I would wait 6 months so that the significant problems (and, hopefully, the cloud DVR service) are resolved.

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