The Nexus 4 Strikes Again!

So I head on to Google, in the hopes that since its been a couple of weeks now since the device was re-stocked again, the "shipping estimates" have dropped a couple of weeks and I can hopefully buy the N4, since I'm in dire need of a phone NOW. Instead I find myself being greeted by the N4 16GB variant, which I kind of found odd, so I go ahead and check the estimates and it still says 6 to 7 weeks (nearly two months still) to ship. the 16GB is not my main option mainly because I wouldnt know what to load my phone with on 16GB, I dont use that many movies or play games on my phones, 4 inches is still too small on my opinion, and my iPod is still perfectly cable of handling audio, (and its a 64GB version anyway).

So I click on the 8GB version, the one thats anywhere from 8, (that's right EIGHT weeks) to 9 weeks shipping estimates

and what does it say?

SOLD OUT, thats right.... GOOGLE HAS YET AGAIN SOLD OUT on the Nexus phone, and still doesnt offer consumers an option to PRE-ORDER on the device, how many phones is Google Stocking up on? 20 at a time? This is unbelievable, coming from a company that made its name through advertising and marketing almost a month after release of their flagship device and they still can't get the act together?

  • Horrible shipping estimates
  • Horrible store experiences (I had to rape those check out buttons like it was December 21st)
  • constantly selling out on their products. (and darn it, since you already are going to sell out on your devices at least offer your consumers the ability to pre-order)

Its almost like Google wasn't expecting its products to sell, I mean not even when the N7 went on the store was the experience THIS horrible nor has the N10 had this problem either. I'm frustrated with how Google has handled this, more so because since I'm on T-mobile I really don't have a lot of options on phones that run on T-mobile yet.

Sorry if the post comes off a little "whiny" I'm just surprised how bad Google is handling this.