One to rule them all.

Android is great, but I don't think the devices being put out are doing it justice. The nexus 4 would seem to be the choice for any Android die hard, but everywhere I go I find at least a handful of issue threads. This goes with any device but nexus devices are supposed to be THE devices, what shows off Androids true colours. I feel it's close, but not quite there. This morning I woke up with the question, why son't we have a centralized manufacturer? A few devices rather than the 100's we have now? Don't we own Motorola Mobility,why not have them make our devices with higher standards? The specs on these high end devices are great, but no one seems to be able to get it just right. I understand that Android being on all these devices is one of it's strong points, but for nexus devices why all these partnerships? Why not make your own devices?