How Microsoft envisions the future. Are we on track? [video + discussion]

Please watch this video first. Hint: it's in HD.

Microsoft's Concept of How 2019 Will Look Like - Official Video (via minipcpro)

There have been interesting discussions about what Microsoft is doing with designing an OS that has an extra mode of input (touch), about Microsoft entering the mobile sphere, the investments that it has made in SkyDrive, extending the Xbox to more than just gaming (with Kinect and Internet Explorer) and its intensely changed relationship with hardware manufacturers.

In light of these discussions, I thought it would be very interesting to revisit Microsoft's future vision for 2019 video that was released about 3 years ago. What do you think? Does the word "surface" make more sense now? Has Microsoft realised a very long time ago that the PC does not solely equal the desktop? Considering the video below - Microsoft 2019 - is the company on track? Is this how you want the future to be?

Update: The video above is focussed on improving general productivity through the use of new technologies. The video below provides a more in-depth look at possible software applications, rather than technology. This too is interesting because of Microsoft building applications like the People Hub.

Productivity Future Vision (2011) (via officevideos)