Some Questions about the Xbox Music Service / Apps - Especially playlists

Hi folks,

so i'm desperately trying to figure out how to use Xbox Music across my Windows 8 Desktop, Windows 8 Laptop, Lumia 920 and Xbox 360. Needless to say - Xbox Music is an awesome thing on paper, but in reality is one of the worst Apps i've used on Windows 8.

Lets say i imported my playlists from local files on my Windows 8 Desktop and i have the Xbox music pass. Here are my questions.

1. Which songs get uploaded to the Xbox Cloud so that they can be downloaded on other devices?
2. Do my personal local mp3 files get uploaded once added to a playlist?
3. if #2 is no - will an Xbox Music version from the store be down-and uploaded?
4. How can i sync these playlists to my WP8 device without manually download every single song?
5. Why are some songs unable to get downloaded on other devices like my Laptop?
6. Is there a file-size limit for mp3's to be uploaded to the Xbox Cloud?
7. If my Laptop syncs playlists, all Tracks from the Xbox Music Cloud are getting downloaded. Of course not all tracks are added to the cloud so the playlist is not complete on my laptop.

I'm kind of shocked how incredibly bad this "service" works actually. Syncing with WP8 does not work at all and i can't even get my music available on two Windows 8 PCs.

As i said i have some playlists but the cloud-icon next to the mp3's seem to be random and i can't tell the App to upload all the Playlists.

I found a lot of threads here that the music app sucks but i'm actually suprised not to see more posts about the lack of functionaility of this thing.

Do you guys figured out how to use the app properly?

I hope the guy in charge of this App gets fired.