Dual monitor frustration in Windows 8

Perhaps I'm in the minority, as I haven't seen any complaints about this, but using widows 8 with dual monitors is a terrible experience.

Is everyone aware that the metro UI can only run on one monitor at a time? I know I wasn't. You straight up can't have two metro apps open at the same time on different monitors. It would be nice if I could have a Netflix open on one screen, and a PDF open on the other, but that's not possible in Windows 8's metro world. You can't even open the start menu on your second monitor without it shutting down the app on your primary screen.

The only solution is to use the new snap feature to have one app run on 80% of your primary monitor, then the other app on the remaining 20%, and then just ignore the fact that you have a second monitor showing a blank desktop. Or just use legacy desktop apps only.

I think I'm just going to purchase Start8 and forget metro ever existed. It might work for tablets and maybe single small screen desktops, but it's just not working for me.