Out with the old (One X) in with the new (Nexus 4)?

Although i'm tired of hearing about the Nexus 4, I do have a question. I live in Santa Rosa, CA and have At&t. They don't have 4G LTE here, they have 3G+, but no 4G. That makes my One X pretty much useless over my iPhone 4 and Galaxy S2 (i777). I was thinking of selling my One X and getting the Nexus 4 (or maybe even a Galaxy Nexus?) and using that instead. The only thing that stops me from doing that right now is when At&t eventually does get LTE here, I will be left out. Basically, my question is:

Is the Nexus 4 a good-enough phone to have for 2 1/2 years? (The only reason I ask is because I would have to buy it off contract)

I do root my phones, so I don't worry about software (even though this is a nexus device)

P.S. Does anybody who works for At&t (or knows someone who does) know when the NorthBay will get LTE? Thanks!