What's the best gadget you got in 2012?


This has been a crazy year in consumer technology, in the words of our own David Pierce "all of tech has changed in the last twelve months." I see more and more so called regular people walking around with various types of gadgets and the most requested things have to do with technology, be it a smartphone, a tablet, or a smart well-designed thermostat! No matter who you are and what company you're rooting for, if you are on The Verge, it's safe to assume that you have either bought or have been gifted some form of gadget this year. I am curious to see what people consider the best gadget they acquired in 2012.

My pick: iPad (3rd generation)

I was always fascinated by the iPad, and when I upgraded to Apple's latest offering I was blown away at how many places I could take my tablet at and how many different things I could use it for. The retina display is what makes this my best gadget for 2012, the quality of the screen really makes the difference between a good and an average product for me, it's gorgeous to look at and makes most experiences such as reading, browsing, and gaming seem natural. Granted during the year I also purchased the iPad mini, the iPhone 5, and the 2012 Macbook Air, although all of them are great in some respects, none made the jump ahead the old 'new iPad' did for me.

I am really curious as to where 2013 will take us and how much deeper technology will integrate into the lives of regular people, which of the new form-factors various vendors are trying will actually "stick." Regardless what comes to eventually be, one thing is for certain: my wallet is done for. Thanks Apple!