Yuga'na get this phone?


What do you guys think? For one, I'm happy I didn't use my upgrade on Verizon and just bought a GNex out of contract. Couple things that caught my eye:


  • The design of the phone used expensive materials
  • It does not find touch or hardware keys
  • This screen has a resolution of 1080p - It shouldn't seem as big as other 5" phones due to the soft keys.
  • In C660x supported format SDXC cards, which means the maximum map size of 128 GB.
  • LTE . At the moment, LTE is used for data transfer. In S660x used modem Qualcomm MDM9615, which theoretically allows the phone to work on all the available LTE-frequency, on any network.
  • At the same time, the pictures are much more advantageous to the C660x those of Xperia T - both in the quality of detail, and by color (even with the readiness of the product). Backlit sensor in theory should shoot well in the dark, but the detail suffers. Using the new platform will allow Sony to add new pieces to the camera. - Camera seems better than the Xperia T .


  • Seems to be some heating issues with the platform. I'm not exactly a "tech spec" person, but imagine Sony can optimize it before it's available on the market
  • What's up with the power button??? Silver, big, and round.
  • People might not like the tab features over the ports, but the review states, Build quality is perfect, all the parts fit tightly, which gives extra points this unit compared to other brands.
  • Right now it's running JB 4.1.2, but could be upgraded before it hit's the market in 2013.

Take my money. If this can get on Verizon, I'd gladly sell my GNex and pick it up. I'd hope it'd have a pretty good Dev community as Sony seems to be attributing quite a lot for AOSP. Now, I just hope this doesn't happen...but, it probably will.


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