Surface RT vs. Surface Pro: What could have been

I believe Microsoft should have waited to release the Surface RT when Office 2013 was ready for touch environments, and kept the desktop off of Windows RT. That way they could offer a more compelling device with better product, and provide more product differentiation with the Surface Pro.

Also the branding is overly complex. I've never understood why Microsoft feels like they need to make the consumer aware of the software in the name of the device. 'Surface with Windows RT' should just be the 'Surface' and 'Surface with Windows 8 Pro' should just be the 'Surface Pro'.

That way, at stores, when consumers see these two devices side by side they can be confident of the differences between them. One runs only apps and includes a touch-friendly version of Office, and one runs apps and desktop applications and runs the full Office 2013.

I believe these changes, along with decreasing the screen size of the regular Surface (7"-9") and increasing the screen size of the Surface Pro (11"-12") would be much more compelling options for consumers.

Small Surface: Apps only, consumption oriented, no keyboard, can create Office documents in touch environment, Large Surface: Apps and Desktop, productivity oriented, included touch/type keyboard, can create Office documents in full desktop environment.

Any thoughts?