Look at all the Cheap Windows Phones ?

So where are the cheap phones? Over the last couple of years there has been lots of talk about cheap windows phones that will work great on low spec hardware. Yet they have never actually shown up. I guess my question is does anyone know or have heard if and when Microsoft or its partners intend to start shipping really cheap smart phones? It is hard to be clear enough or loud enough, but the entire future of Windows Phones depends on Microsoft getting super cheap smartphones on the market. $99, $150, $250, $400, $600 Microsoft has to get the $100 to $300 OFF CONTRACT phones into as many markets as they can as soon as they can they will simply fail. Really it is already too late, but something can be salvaged, some level of profit, some level of protection. But the hour is late, and Steve B appears to be fiddling. Sorry for the rant, but the stupidity over in Redmond is driving me insane. They are just so damn slow getting anything to market