Organizing iOS apps in iTunes. Not possible. [Updated]

iOS is an App paradise. There are multiple sites that list Apps that have currently gone free like
So it is no wonder that there are many App junkies with loads of Apps. Those limited time offers for Apps that have gone free result in a huge iTunes library with Apps for potential later use (that you probably don't load onto your iOS device at the moment or delete and can re-download from iCloud.)

Now my question: Am I missing something or is there no way to organize apps in iTunes? (I am not talking about rearranging the apps on my homescreen.)
Since I only have limited amount of space on the iOS device, I don’t sync every app with it. I haven’t even tried out some of the apps that I just downloaded because they were currently free. But I want to organize the huge amount of apps in my iTunes library to find the ones that looked especially interesting and worth trying out soon.
Or if a good Twitter client would be offered for free for a few days I would download it and then tag or rate it so that I could quickly find it when I start using Twitter again. (I haven’t used Twitter for the last months.)

I cannot

  • create labels and sort by labels
  • create folders/genres and sort by folders/genres (I think the old iTunes had a genre view, but no user-defined genres)
  • rate Apps and sort by rating (Maybe even combine it with my App ratings in iTunes)

Nothing. If Apple wants to encourage users to buy and download lots of Apps they seriously need to give them ways to organize their "app archive" in iTunes.

Any comment welcome!