Did the Nexus 7/10 "Work"?

The N7 and N10's goal was to encourage more tablet apps. Did it work?

I seem to see more tablet apps for Android than before. Most of the major apps have a tablet app in one way or another.

Stuff like Evernote and Netflix got tablet optimized.

Although the official clients of FB and Twitter aren't tablet optimized, great clients like Friendcaster, Plume, and Falcon Pro are tablet optimized.

Of course all the Google apps like Gmail, G+, and Youtube are optimized.

And now some major 3rd party apps like RSS readers are tablet optimized from the start or have updated.

Flipboard now has tablet UI (although I've moved on to Currents after that last update), gReader does, and Press does.

Other major apps like Pocket, Flixster, and Ted Talks are optimized.

But stuff like Yelp still sticks out as not tablet optimized.

Have the tablets done their job?