Review: Apple Earpods (2012)

A few days back, my family bought an iPod nano. Subsequently, I was given the Earpods that came with it. Here's what I think of them.

For actual info on the product, give this video a look. I may as well not spend time on that when Apple have a video about them.


Let me start of with this: I have pretty tiny ears, as is the same with my hands. As such, the conventional shape of in-ear earphones has never really fit my ear, often just falling out. I can say with confidence that the Apple Earpods are the best earphones I have used simply because they fit perfectly, and that to do with the unique shape they have.

Actual Sound Quality

Unlike previous attempts by Apple at making earphones (and failing miserably), these are actually pretty good. Apple actually claimed that these are better than several hundred dollar headphones, which is obviously incorrect. However, for what these are worth ($30 USD), they're pretty darn good. Because of the shape of the Earpods, they aren't noise cancelled, which is a bit of a pain. I particularly notice this problem on windy days when walking.


Overall, these are pretty darn good. It's true that my headset whoops these even though they cost the same price as these retail for, these earphones are definitely going to be my choice when I'm doing things such as catching public transport. (Nobody likes the guy with the big headset. Seriously.)

Disclaimer: I'm arguably an open tech user, and I'm not really into the "l33t h4x" anymore. I'm tackling this in the mindset of the average consumer.