iTunes 11 Locate All Missing Files

Hey guys! So I keep all my movies on an external hard drive and I run them through the iTunes in my Macbook Pro. Well I accidently clicked on a movie when I opened iTunes 11, and since I wasn't plugged into my hard drive it then made every single movie as missing.

Now that the hard drive is plugged in, and I click on a movie, it will play and take away the "!" (and then show it in the Apple TV again). How can I have it locate all of them automatically. I use to know how to do this with iTunes 10, but the feature seems to be missing with iTunes 11. 5spbz_medium


Also, if you guys know an easier way for my setup, please share. :D I have a 3TB external, a Macbook Pro, and 2 Apple TVs in the house that I use to watch tons of movies, tv shows, etc. We tried having the hard drive connected to the router, but uploading to it took FOREVER and severely destroyed our connection while doing so. Not worth being untethered IMO.