Finally, Video AirPlay (bundled with Miracast and DLNA) is available from a 3rd party!!!

Have you heard of Xiaomi? It's this Chinese company which makes Android phones and sells them for cheap-as-hell prices. But that's not the concern here.

I came across this while searching for some stuff to make my new home theater set-up. It is called the Xiaomi Box, and it is your run-of-the-mill streaming device. It's got 1080p output via HDMI, has a few channel tie-ups, supports Miracast, DLNA and the usual suspects. But then comes the funny bit: It supports AirPlay. No, not the music streaming one, but the full-blown video AirPlay! Nope, I ain't kidding! Check it out!!

Let me admit that as of now, I'm platform agnostic. I would really love Miracast and DLNA, both of which certainly have great potential in the future, especially in non-Apple devices.

It does have one drawback - It doesn't stream iTunes video. But that's okay for people who are platform agnostic.

But given how Apple doesn't like to share it's own proprietary dock connector with it's OWN other proprietary dock connector, I doubt that this thing is out and working now. Has anyone bought/ used this? Does this work as advertised, if at all? And, most importantly, is it a pain in the a$$ to use? I don't mind spending the extra cash for the Apple TV, but DLNA and Miracast and USB OTG are three really important features for me, and I would like to know if it even works before buying one.