Twitter edit mockup

We've all been there, gone to quickly type out a witty tweet then only afterwards spotted the small typo that now you've noticed is impossible to make it go away. What do you do? Either delete the whole tweet then tweet it ago, meaning people will have seen your tweet twice, or tweet a correction along the lines of "sorry that meant to say "is" not "its"".

None of these are very good solutions, but there is a simple function twitter could implement: (no surprises, it's in the title) EDITING


This is a rough mockup of how it would look on the desktop site (there would be a similarly designed button and function through the mobile apps). Clicking the "Edit" button simply brings up the tweet interface with an added countdown of the time left; I feel there should be a time limit on how long you can edit a tweet for but I'm not sure how long this should be. 30 seconds feels too short, and 5 minutes feel too long, but 1 minute seems about right.


I'd like to hear your thoughts on this, positive or negative