Windows Phone - Light vs Dark background?

Which one do you think is better and why?

There's something that bugs me about the light background. I LOVE IT by the way, especially the touch-screen keyboard in the light background. I think it's fantastic.

But on the Home page, there's just something that bugs me about it. It's like.. Something's not quite right. My only good explanation would be if you take a blank piece of paper and put colourful tiles and squares on it... It would look dull. Like there's nothing in the background.... just light...

But with dark, everything flows so perfectly, as if the tiles are floating smoothly and especially when they do their flipping and updating...

What do you guys think?

I'm bummed because I have the cyan theme and it looks soooooo amazing with the light background.. But it's how it looks like on the Home screen that bugs me.