Surface RT... Why?? I don't get it?

I finally had a hands on look at the Surface RT (John Lewis in the UK finally have them in).

I just don't get it. All I keep thinking is why?

Why the shape? Why does it feel like someone snapped off the screen on a 1999 gateway laptop and transported it to 2012? What's going on with key presses not registering?

In desktop mode the letters are pretty small and the experience with the pop up keyboard isn't brilliant (I can't believe you have to click button to make it appear btw!). Desktop mode on RT doesn't feel fluid but I imagine when processor speeds improve (I.e. on Surface Pro) that might be better.

To be honest it's not even the OS that bothers me (although I think it's anything BUT simple and totally the wrong kind of thing for people looking for a simplified computing experience). The thing that gets me about the whole project is that it just doesn't feel like a well designed device at all.

It doesn't give you the confidence that a fully metal backed iPad does. It doesn't feel good in your hand, it feels awkward. The 16:9 thing is just madness. It doesn't feel rugged at all. It just feels like another type of laptop, not a general purpose computing device. I thought it was meant to be a slim device? It just feels blocky and thick.

If the Surface Pro is even thicker, heavier and hotter then Microsoft are really having a laugh. I know I'm a bit shallow when it comes to looks etc... But your paying top money for these things and its just not nice.

Samsungs win 8 rt tablet felt better but the 16:9 thing is just weird and none of them felt as well designed as the iPad.

I think that MS being OS people have tried to make the OS sing and dance with the transitions and bold modern "cool European design" look. However, they have that syndrome that band members have when they make records. They always say "turn the guitar up" because they only focus on their own part, the part their good at yet forget about the whole balance of the record. W8 tries so hard to wow you that it forgets that people really only care about the app they're in or the app they want to run and how well that works. I don't care if excel slides in from the side if its a pig to use without a keyboard and mouse.

The star of the iPad is the apps themselves. That's what you show people when you demonstrate it. That's what apple spend time in their adverts showing. That's the whole point of it. I think MS just miss the whole point of these devices. Is there one person at Microsoft who really understands why the iPad is successful?

I conclude that unless your really have a boner for excel, they is no way on earth any normal person will choose this machine over an iPad. I'm sure it has its merits, and the colour screen looked vibrant etc... But the sum of its parts just don't equal something that is going to change the game at all. I really don't get why they didn't think this device through enough. Very strange ...