Goodbye iPhone, hello Nexus 4

So I'm tied into a contract with my iPhone 4 until 2014 and I'm not prepared to wait that long to get a new phone. iOS is becoming more and more stale in my opinion (I'm considering the Surface RT or Nexus 10 to replace my iPad). Previously I wouldn't have given Android a second thought, it seemed leggy and just 'un-finished'. That changed when 4.0 ICS was released. It finally felt like a complete mobile OS. I loved the customisability of it and it seems to be extremely reliable, unlike in the past. I actually own an Android device, the HTC Desire C, which although being an extremely low end Android handset has given me a great taste for how Android feels to use.

So onto what device I'm gonna get. I'm sure I like many others will be opting for the Nexus 4. For me it's either that or Galaxy Nexus. I lean more towards stock Android just because it looks much cleaner and there's no bloatware, hence my decision about the 2 nexus devices. The low price of the Nexus 4 really is an attractive offer too, it's just a pity it's constantly out of stock on Google Play.

Im interested in hearing some people's experiences with both the Nexus handsets especially how battery life is, as I use my phone faily heavily through the day, and get pretty awesome battery life on my iPhone 4.