What to do about my tablet purchase...?

Hey Tribe! I'm in need of some advice or guidance. I very much want to pick up a Windows tablet and have earmarked my holiday bonus payment for the purchase. All told I'll have about $600-$700 or so. While I'd like a device I can use to remote connect to work (I.E. full Windows) this is not a dealbreaker. Media consumption and portability are paramount - though the 7" form factor is not for me so I'm not going to hold my breath on that one.

So, the question is should I jump on a Surface RT or wait a few weeks for the VivoTab Smart? Or, have I missed the boat on early adoption and better serve myself by waiting for the Surface RT 2 or another second gen device from the likes of Nokia? Or, do you think it may not be until next fall when the next generation of devices will actualy be released?

I want to have a device in hand by, say, the start of Spring at the absolute latest. Any insight?