So, with the (relatively) recent acquisition of Motorola by Google, why haven't they, even minutely, capitalized on the purchase? With Motorola's penchant of creating their "Droid" line of devices, they've carved out a pretty niche market for themselves; they're the "rad", "extreme", "powerful" Android phones. Why doesn't Google release a Motorola-backed Nexus device? The particular "look" of Motorola's phones, not to mention their IMMENSE battery life, that doesn't necessarily affect the thinness or the aesthetics of the device as much as one would expect.

How would you feel about a MotoNexus, or a Droid Nexus, if you will? Or maybe Google should just adopt that rumor that was going around before the N4 came out; that they would have a whole "family" of Nexus devices, built by a slew of different OEM's. You get the best of both worlds; stock Android, and the reputable build quality of a company like Motorola, or HTC... (Maybe Samsung, if they stepped it up, and stopped making flimsy, plastic, phones.)

So Droid Nexus, or a Nexus family? And any ideas as to why this hasn't happened yet?