Samsung Series 9 WQHD Win8 ultrabook

Google searches yielded nothing.. Has anyone heard anything about when, or even if, this will ever come out?

This is literally the nicest laptop I have ever seen.

From what I can gather from these articles:

-2560 x 1440, matte screen with crazy near 180 degree viewing angles.

-Windows 8 portion looks to scale extremely well at high resolution. very pleasing to the eye, even in pics/vids

-nice build quality and design

-a nice huge trackpad (necessary as it likely wouldn't be touch screen)

-2 usb ports, display port, hdmi, headphone cable

Here is the Engadget article and vid

I guess the lack of a touch screen would be the biggest drawback. I am hoping windows 8 will evolve over time to work better with a trackpad with good drivers. Things like the close app gesture are awkward on a touch screen, even more so on a trackpad or with a mouse.

I am still weighing this laptop vs. the utility of something like a Lenovo thinkpad tablet 2 (2 completely different machines, I know), as I really like how the thinkpad looks but it's still a business tool and super portable. Digitizer opens a whole new world too. Samsung-series-9-wqhd_medium