Windows 8 on Macbook Air 2012

Please I beg you, let's skip the "why" of running Windows on a Macbook. I would really appreciate it, if someone has an answer to my actual question: How is battery life when running Windows 8 on a Macbook Air 2012, using Boot Camp? Has anyone tried that? It's important that we are talking about Win8 here and not Win7.

I know Win8 is not officially supported, but a quick Google search shows that many people have tried it, and it works. I have seen no mention of battery life though. How big of a hit are we talking about here?

Also, I remember disk performance being an issue a few years back, when running Windows using Boot Camp. Something about AHCI vs IDE. Is that still around? Or has Apple addressed it?

Thank you!

Edit: I would like to say thank you for all the helpful replies so far :) It's going much smoother than I thought :)