Looking for a good music player... suited for me.

So, I'm not 100% satisfied with the walkman app in the xperia series. It's ok but there's one thing that gets on my nerves: If I touch the "back/return" button when playing something, it takes me to the main android screen instead of my library. So if I want to listen a new artist/album, I must navigate all the way to it from the scratch.

I searched a bit and tried some players. doubleTwist, PowerAmp, Fusion music player... I wasn't conviced at all with them (well, to be fair, doubleTwist was ok but the trial version doesn't let you try most features). Maybe because I'm too accustomed to the iPhone style player (which nokia copied shamelessly in my previous symbian device) and I'm a iTunes user in OSX— isn't there something similar in interface, without looking like shit like many apps out there? a good looking music player is very important for me. The walkman app looks very fine but as I said, there's that interface problem.