Will Apple ever release an iTunes application for Windows RT?

When I have talked to average users in the stores about the Surface or other Windows 8 RT tablets, they always ask it they can install iTunes on it. I explain that you can only download applications from the Windows Store, but you do have XBOX music and various music streaming services. I think this is often a deal breaker for many, since they can buy a iPad mini or iPad 2 for about $300-$400. I am even on the fence, because I was looking at the Surface RT as a laptop replacement. The only legacy apps that i use on a daily basis are Office and iTunes. I have an iPod classic that I use daily on my 45 minute commute to and from work. Also I would not be able to go on a short trip with only a Surface and leave my laptop at home if I have no way to update/synch my iPod.

Your thoughts?