Keeping track of all what's going on.

Hi everyone !

I'm gonna try to do it Joshua style (but obviously being the master of the art he can do it better than any of us), and let the flow of ideas control what i'm writing on this topic, so here's something i wanted to discuss with you guys, tech nerds and people who do follow too many sites like me.

How do you keep track of all what's going on ? And as you probably guess (because obviously i'm posting the thread here) i'm talking specifically about THE VERGE, the reviews, different news, all different kinds of podcasts and video content, being posted post-production, or live (like the Verge Cast), i mean, there's so many things to follow, read, investigate, and watch, and me personally, i have literally dozens of bookmarks on my Google Chrome bar, and i'm following over 30 YouTubers and more than ten websites (video games, and mainly technology) than post content all the time, a regular and committing member of already 2/3 forums, i have also that social stuff going on (Facebook, twitter...) and what occupies mostly my day, ladies and gentelmen i'm talking about my real life (High school, family, friends...).

Like... i... uh... i barely have the time to read an article in-depth, or post a comment on that one, and the forums... don't even talk to me about that i rarely go to them unless i want to post a topic, and that's literally, it i'm not a regular forumer (although i would gladly like to be one if it was enough active for me) and yeah... with all this bling bling, razzle and dazzle that you're following on the net how can you ever keep track of what's going on here on THE VERGE, and even if you managed to do it how can you even interact, something which i personally created an account for and i rarely even log in everytime i wanna see something.

So yeah, tell me in (preferably in detail) about your experience with THE VERGE, as i took the effort to right these lines make the topic active, exchange ideas, and hey why not if a reviewer from THE VERGE wanted to share his ideas, you're more than welcome to join, :)

And sorry if the topic looks like a mix of a mush mash of ideas but that's how i like to do it and that's hopefully what will bring some nice input here. ;-)