I rage at youtube videos that tell you things you already know

This post is just to register my annoyance at youtube videos that say things like "iPhone 5 Jailbreak!!!" then are just 5 seconds of a jpeg that shows someone who has alpha'd a jailbreak then spend the next 6 minutes showing a video of the poster's ugly face discussing how someone has claimed to have done it. What help is that?

Its not limited to just iPhones etc. There seems to be this whole phenomenon of "Youtube News" where people feel the need to repeat things they've heard on the internet but on their youtube channel. Almost as if I'm deaf to anything except thats on youtube.

Hell yeah they must see, 120,000 views. 120 thousand poor people drawn in, fooled into thinking this must be something useful to watch. I feel like such a fool. Is this a wider youtube culture? generating rubbish videos that offer nothing.

"if you don't like it, don't click on it!" people tell me. Well if the video title just said....."6 minutes of me talking about a headline you already know" I would try ad avoid it.... Instead I get link bait...

Is there a pay premium version of youtube that filters out this rubbish? Sign me up. Credit card ready. I totally hate youtube, I totally love youtube.

Thanks for listening - please dont hate on me.