to lumia 920 users: are u happy with your phones?

so last night, my two brothers came over and we had dinner. we compared phones. one had iphone 5. the other one had iphone 4. i had a lumia 920. the one with iphone 4 was on the fence in terms of which phone to get. i was persuading him to get a lumia 920. my other brother was pushing him to get an iphone 5. at the end of the night, he settled on getting the iphone 5, and worst of all is that i totally agree with him. here is what happened:

we were indoors under ambient light.

my dad lives in belgium; we decided to call him. so my brothers showed off the viber app. i said that i too have a viber app. we attempted to call my dad and wish him happy holidays using my phone. to my dismay, the viber app opened with a message saying that voice calls are currently not supported. and for the first time, i felt the importance of apps. how is windows phone missing such a usefull app? how? then they attempted to show off the facebook app. this pissed me off because facebook is another super important app that windows phone lacks; i did not download the available facebook apps because they are not officially from facebook and they all got bad reviews; i said to my brothers that given windows phone, recent birth, it is unfair to compare based on apps. i suggested we load the mobile facebook site and compare. to my dismay, even the mobile version of facebook looked 10 times more refined on the iphone. it had nicer colors and just more organized and elegant. it looked aweful on the lumia. very disheartening. i was dying to show off metrotube but then google disabled it. mobile youtube on Internet explorer looks hideous. why? why? i love IE on wp8 but are the mobile sites so ugly? why?

we then proceded to do a search. the iphone's tiny screen displayed 6 search results; my giant 4.5 inch screen displayed 5, due to the large font of windows phone. suddenly it occured to me that this is an example of form over function. MS decided to make search results look prettier at the expense of efficiency. that screen fits 10 freakin results; why is it showing only 5. is there a way to minimize the font guys? please let me know.

but none of that was too surprising to me; what really shocked me and made me decide that my next phone is going to be an iphone is the camera performance of the lumia 920. with all the hoopla and the megapixels and the OIS, i thought id blow the iphone 5 out of the water. well i was wrong.

the living room had yellow ambient light. iphone 5 and my phone took the same pic. mine came out with nicer color but sadly had less detail than the iphone 5. my brother thought it was unfair that i had flash on. so we went ahead and took the same pic without flash, and oh boy was i crushed?! the iphone 5's picture not only had more detail but also nicer colors. the picture on the lumia 920 sucked without flash, big time. very disappointing. we compared panorama images and once again, i had nicer colors but less detail. 920 users: is there a way to improve detail on the lumia? i mean this is the most advanced phone in the world. why is its camera producing ugly images without flash and with less detail than the iphone 5? why? what was also particularly troubling is how long the shutter took compared to the iphone. you click the iphone and the picture is taken instantly, almost at same time you actually click. on the lumia, it is fast but you do notice lag between the click and when the picture is actually snapped. again, if an operating system as bad as android is able to get no shutter-lag cameras, how are MS and Nokia unable to do the same?

but the beating continues: we then attempted to compare maps. apple maps suck. but my brother pulled the new google maps app. oh boy. to my shock, not only did google maps look great on the iphone, they looked 10 times better and more intuitive than they are even on the latest android version. nokia maps performed just as good as google maps, inlcuding the turn by turn navigation but the google maps and navigation looked 10 times better. actually, nokia maps and nav are downright ugly and even with a light background setting on windows phone, the nokia maps will show a black background, inconsistent with the rest of the phone.

then my brother asked if i had siri, so i laughed it up claiming that siri is dumb and useless anyways. but i was wrong. my brother showed me how he actually DOES use siri daily in a very efficient manner. he says "siri wake me up at 6 am tomorrow" and siri does it. i was blown away because it is certainly easier than the 10 clicks i have to go through in setting up my alarm. he proceeded with several other commands that siri actually recognized. is MS coming up with a comparable service/app on windows phone?

i am just disappointed by windows phone and i am now wondering, what did MS do in the time they had between windows phone 7 and 8? they had plenty of time. all that time went to make live tiles that are size adjustable? really? is that it? family room? really. none of my family members have windows phone so it's useless.

i am keeping this phone and will give windows phone 1 year. if important apps (facebook, trulia, siri, viber, google maps) dont appear, then i am going to do what the rest of the world is doing: get an iphone. it really is a shame that no one is able to beat the iphone.

also has anyone checked out the prices on the new full hd display windows 8 laptops? they are friggin expensive. the affordable ones have terrible screens with washed out colors. MS stores are def not selling hd laptops aggressively. the prices of the JBL accessories are also exorbitant so i cannot even take advantage of NFC. in fact, i have NFC turned off to conserve battery life. was apple right to not have NFC? i mean i can neither buy the ridiculously expensive accessories, nor able to enjoy NFC in any other way since it eats up the battery charge.

i am ending this with a few questions:

1-honestly, is any one of you kinda dissapointed?

2-is there something that can be done regarding camera detail capture?

3-is there a way to tweak the camera so that it takes decent pics without flash?

4-is there an update that will address shutter lag and nokia maps ugliness?

5-do you think devs will actually pay attention to wp8?

6-android with all of its popularity is unable to get a decent facebook app; do you think facebook will develop something decent for wp?