Nexus 7 app recommendations (inspired by metro)

I'm pretty much set on buying a Nexus 7, and I now need some recommendations for some core apps. I am a fan of metro design, and windows tablets are something what I want in the future, but I'm skipping the first gen and going with nexus. But because android is customizable, I'd love to emulate metro as much as possible.


I'd need an email app for Microsoft's outlook app is fast (tried it on a crap tablet), but it's really ugly. Something like email app on W8 would be perfect. I don't need any advanced functionality. Just threaded view and ability to sort email.


Built in browser seems decent. Chrome is undercooked from what I've read.

I want something with:

- adblock

- session manager (saving sessions for opening multiple websites at once)

- robust bookmark management (desktop class).I use bookmarks extensively and it's essential.

- speed dial (ala opera. It's pretty awesome)

- adding multiple search engines. For example, I highlight a word, and than choose a search engine to use (ebay, wiki, imdb, google, bing, youtube). This makes my browsing much, much faster

- obviously, password manager

- maybe something with customizable user agent. At least that I can choose mobile/desktop identification.

-shorten url extension if possible


Music app on windows phone is almost perfect. So something clean looking. Again, I don't need an advanced functionality like 100 codecs support and whatnot. I just need to be able to create playlists, and finger seek would be awesome. Lyrics/artist bio search and youtube integration would be welcome, but that's secondary.


I guess I just need a basic ebook reader for reading DRM free epub books with night mode. Page changing with volume rockers would be nice, and if it had the ability to "pin" books to homescreen would be really good (so, widget support?).


Multiprotocol and good looking. I hate most messaging app designs ever since I used messaging on my WP, distraction free. It's liberating.


Some basic but fast photo editor. Crop, rotate, a few basic filters.

file explorer

Is there a good looking file explorer? I really like how skydrive for android looks like. But every file explorer I tried on thre play store looks like it's been made for '99 symbian (crap).


Temple run, angry birds are a given I guess.

What i need is a good solitaire. I tried several and all were crap. Double tap support and auto sort at the end are a must.

Mahjong, logical games, Caveman, DragonVale (got addicted on it on my aunt's ipad :), Tower defense..


Some nice, location aware metro-looking square weather widget.

I'll accept any other recommendation for other kinds of widgets.

Some general android questions

Does using task killer improve battery life?

What is the best way to explore play store? It seems really bad from what I've seen so far. Even worse that app store. I might be in minority, but I really love how app discovery looks on WP. Maybe there are some good app discovery apps?

That's it for now. Thanks to very potential contributor :)