How not to install Fiber Optic Broadband

Good day all,

Has any one had any troubles with there internet provider? Is anyone in the UK considering joining BT for Fiber Optic Broadband?

If so please consider reading my letter to BT before hand on how poor there services really are,

Please note at this time i have not yet had my internet installed.

To whom it may concern,

I am extremely disappointed and outraged by the way my wife and myself have been treated by BT, we ordered BT Infinity and Phone to be installed and set-up on Monday 17th December. We opted to pay a full year Line-Rental in advance and the whole process seemed rather simple. We have now come to realize simple is most certainly not the case when it comes to Joining BT as a new customer and choosing Infinity.

We were informed our engineer would be arriving between 1300 & 1800 on Monday the 17th December 2012. We waited patiently all day and at 1830 the engineer still hadn't arrived and we hadn't had any communication from BT to say the engineer would be late. We decided we should call BT, after being on hold for nearly 40 minutes we got through to an advisor, we explained the situation and the advisor informed us the engineer was unreachable and the advisor was unable to confirm if an engineer would still be completing the installation, however, we were guaranteed someone from BT would contact us that evening to inform us. After some time we decided to recall BT as we still hadn't heard anything, this resulted in another long discussion explaining our situation and the advisor informed us an engineer would come out tomorrow morning (Tuesday 18th) and we would be contacted before hand with more information.

We awaken on Tuesday morning and carry on with our routine, however, there has still been no communication from BT or an engineer to explain what is going on or why nobody has turned up. Yet again we call BT (3rd time) to try and get a grasp of the situation, this conversation was long and at times very patronizing. The advisor assured us our situation would be escalated, as it was the engineers fault for not turning up the advisor could request for us to get a new date. The advisor explained that we should not be concerned if we receive a text with a date in January, as the situation has been escalated we should call BT and we would be able to get this changed to a more immediate date. Throughout the conversation we were interrogated about our Wi-Fi capabilities and we had explained we need our PC online to complete college work and our PC does not have a wireless adaptor, our PC relies solely on an RJ-45 Ethernet Cable to access Broadband Internet. When my wife mentioned she could access the Wi-Fi internet on her mobile device she was then insulted by the advisor and spoken to in a very patronizing way about how Wi-Fi works, as my wife got very frustrated trying to explain 2 things: 1. We require the Internet connection on our PC, which has no wireless adaptor to complete college work and 2. Even once connected on the mobile device the signal drops almost immediately and is an unreliable connection. My wife could no longer speak with the advisor and handed the call to myself, I was assured I could go out and buy a Pre-paid Wi-Fi Dongle to use on our PC that would allow us to access the BT Wi-Fi Hotspot. Since we were to purchase the dongle we would be reimbursed by way of credit to our account. This filled me with a lot of uncertainty as to when we will actually get an Engineer out to install our Infinity Modem, it has become apparent that no one really knows the answer to this and we are just being strung along day after day. When I query this I am told it would not take that long for an engineer and this is just to get us online sooner. This is really unacceptable, to re-iterate, our appointment was booked in advance by BT for Monday 17th, it is now Wednesday 19th and we still haven't heard from an engineer, if they feel it would be quicker buying or even sending us a dongle that means it would be at least another few day's before we have a engineer or even hear from one. Again this is unacceptable, BT missed our appointment why didn't we have an engineer out the following day to apologies and complete the job we have paid for?

On Wednesday morning we awaken hoping today we will have an engineer install our BT Infinity and this Drama will be over. We could not be more wrong. Instead we receive a highly insulting text explaining, as it was our fault we missed the appointment a new date has been booked for 4th January 2013! Just when I thought BT couldn't insult a "NEW CUSTOMER" any more I was clearly mistaken, to sum up so far, we waited all day for an engineer, no one turned up, we were not contacted, we have been lied to several times, we are patronized and insulted when we have to call BT as no one appears capable of following through on the promise to call us and now insulted by blaming us for missing the engineer! Outraged we immediately called BT (4th time) and spoke with a gentleman named Derek from the management team. After a long conversation with Derek we discovered our situation hadn't actually been escalated and there was apparently nothing he could do to get an engineer out before Christmas, even if he processed for a new date it would be unlikely it would be before January. So I was clearly lied to (again) when I had been told if the new date was for January I could have that changed for a more immediate date. Derek then decided it would be best if he took ownership of our account, Derek believes this would allow him to cancel our order and set up a new order for an engineer to come out before the 24th December. Derek assured me he would call me at the end of the day to give me a date, or at least more information. I was skeptical of this so I repeatedly asked questions to ensure I would definitely be called back today and it would be Derek I spoke to, I was guaranteed this is what would happen.

We carry on with our Wednesday routine and in the process try a Pre-Paid wireless dongle with our PC, I was less surprised as my wife when the Login in page failed to load repeatedly and the connection to the hotspot was very poor and kept disconnecting, this just added to our anger and frustration.

Wednesday evening comes along and yet again we still hadn't heard from BT and more specifically, Derek. So, again, we contact BT (5th time) this time we get through to another member of the management team by the name of Karmel. To our disgust we were informed that Derek had in fact finished for the day (without contacting us) and Derek had canceled our order and hadn't bothered to create a new one (we went from waiting for an order to not having one at all). Karmel was very easy to talk to and appeared to grasp the situation well, Karmel also provided us with reference numbers, this was the first time we had been given anything like this. I presume if we had these before we wouldn't have always had to have such long conversations. Karmel then proceeded to re-order our infinity package and engineer visit, Karmel assured us we would have communication from BT before Friday 21st December and the two possible appointments we would get are Saturday 22nd December and/or Monday 24th December

On Thursday we didn't expect to here from BT but to our surprise we received a voicemail in the afternoon, this was the first time BT ever contacted us as they said, however, this voicemail was very short to inform us that our engineer visit is processing and we do not need to contact BT as someone will be in touch within 24 hours with more information, the advisor also informed us the 22nd and 24th are NOT guaranteed dates. Typical, lied to and misled again, however, as this is still within the Friday 21st timescale Karmel had given us I wasn't overly bothered by this, I'm more frustrated and tired of the situation.

Friday evening and we sit down to the table for our evening meal, it then strikes us that it has exceeded 24 hours since the voicemail and has become apparent, once again we have been lied to and let down, clearly, unwilling to provide us with an immediate engineer visit, it has now been 5 day's since our engineer failed to turn up and each day feels as if BT are just prolonging an engineer visit, at this rate 4th of January 2013 will arrive and we still be getting told someone will contact us or we are entitled to an immediate visit. What happened to escalating the situation and getting an engineer out immediately to fulfill the job?

After dinner on Friday we called BT (6th time) I must point out we are extremely stressed, infuriated and very tired of the lies and poor communication we are receiving, after a fairly short conversation we are told an E-mail has been sent and we should expect a call before 1900 to give us more information.

Yet again can you guess? That's right, no phone call from BT at 1910, so we call BT again (7th time) when we get through to an advisor we give our name and the advisor almost instantly knows what is going on and doesn't hesitate to blame the engineers. We have been informed that they have escalated the situation and sent several E-mails to the engineers (don't you have a phone number? Get these engineers on the phone and find out why they can't do there job properly) once again we are assured someone will contact us, this time by Monday 24th December. Well since it is now Sunday the 23rd December I am still waiting and I am very skeptical I will here anything at all from BT

I am outraged and very disappointed; we have come to realize as a new customer to BT we are clearly not valued. Nor are the BT Open reach engineers capable of carrying out there duties to an acceptable standard. We know others are getting their services installed and engineer visits fulfilled as scheduled, yet we have had little to no communication, sufficient explanation and still 1 working week later no Internet.

So all that's left for me to say at this time is please see below a little bio about us and very briefly why having internet is of such importance to us, but do not let this take away from the fact, the way we have been treated is highly unacceptable and I can assure you the matter is far from over, I want to know what will be done about this situation and why BT feel it is acceptable to treat there customers like this.

About us:

Our household consists of my wife, myself, our 18 Month old daughter and we are now expecting our 2nd, I am serving in the Royal Air Force and have been for some time now, last year was my daughters first Christmas and I was unable to be in the country for it, thanks to internet from Sky I was able to see my family on Christmas and my Wife and daughter were able to communicate with other members of family, browse online movies and music and keep entertained over the festive period. This year is the first year I will spend with my family at Christmas, I have been moved this month to a new RAF Station and we decided, to benefit the most from the Internet we should switch to BT Infinity as part of our move. This would enable us to communicate with our friends and family including those abroad serving for there country and allow us to stream family movies and have plenty of entertainment in our new home over the festive period, with no worries thanks to a super fast connection and unlimited downloads. We ordered it in advanced and to ensure everything was painless we would have the movers fill our new home on Friday and BT scheduled to have everything set-up on Monday after a weekend of setting up our new home. We are now sitting here a mere 2 day's till Christmas with no hope of streaming TV, Movies, Music, communicating with much loved family and friends or even browsing the web to research the new area in which we live, we have been left unconnected and so distant from the internet world and over the holiday period it is very difficult trying to explain to family, now we have moved away they will not see us or there grand-daughter etc. Instead we have to explain how we have repeatedly been lied to and had the most stressful experience with BT and how we regret ever making the decision to leave Sky a company who have never given us any issues always been helpful and never lied to us, and with constant communication we always knew what was going on.

Poor service BT, and I'm not even set-up yet.