A humble request for some feedback on an iPhone App

Hello guys!

I'm an iPhone developer and a die hard Verge follower. I have been working on an iPhone app and it's in final stages and will be released soon.

Before I release it to the public I just wanted to get some end user opinions.

I'm not sure if this is the right place or not but since a lot of Verge readers own iPhones and love quality apps, I thought Verge forums would be best to take an opinion and also owing to the fact that I'm a small time dev and don't really have any funds to take proper public surveys, so I apologize in advance.

Coming to the app, its called Write. Its basically a Dropbox based Notes app. There are tons of similar apps out there, but I'm focusing on the user experience and trying to make it a lot better than what the competition offers.

Here are a few features I think which stand out that I've already implemented. Let me know what you guys think.

Sliding views:

Pull to save and Pull to delete:

Check out the website: http://writeapp.net

If you guys have any features you'd like to get added, let me know them too. I'll try adding them before I release the app.